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 Smokin' DeVille brings the music of the fifties back to life with a marginal rockabilly influenced by the surf, swing and rock n' roll music of the time. To this mix is added a festive and roaring energy that leaves no one indifferent.

Since 2014, Smokin' DeVille travels cities and villages throughout Quebec and does not fail to turn heads at every opportunity. Emphasized by dynamism, originality and drive, Smokin' Deville's music encourages spectators to have fun and party with them. Impossible not to move your feet in front of this rhythmic and furious music!

These are five lovers of vintage music that offer you performances that are both colorful and inspiring, and share their pleasure for this festive style.

Embark on Smokin' DeVille's 'trip' and press on the gas all the way to a hot, retro-flavored party, but beware, it's just fun!

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