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Dave Paquet, has worked in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years. As a musician, he has traveled the world with different bands. Since the early 2000s, he has managed his own bands. In 2009 he became a partner of Pop Zone GP where he was able to promote and market Rise Up followed by Supersonic band. Today, Dave shares his expertise: in addition to Iconik Experience , Iconik and Sonic 5, he offers all the services necessary to create a memorable event to your measure.

In 2016, Dave joined forces with Chantal Rousseau, chartered administrator, specializing in accounting, marketing and human resources. Chantal has over 15 years of experience in project management and is also passionate about music. She was also a representative at Pop Zone for Supersonic band. One of her great strengths is cost management, which she often calls "Stretching the buck" because she likes to get the most out of every dollar. She is very enthusiastic about sharing her skills with her clients, regardless of their budget size.

In 2020, with the hiring of an account manager, the arrival of a new musical production, Spinnin' Pistols , and the growth of its clientele, both locally and internationally, we can say that Limelight  Productions has carved out its place on the event scene.

Dave Paquet, co-fondateur et directreur artistique
Dave Paquet
Co-Founder & Artistic Director
Chantal Rousseau, co-fondatrice et administration
Chantal Rousseau
Co-Founder & Management
Dave and Drumz
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