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Genevieve Marin is an accomplished artist who has been working artistically for many years and around the world. In 1993, she won the honors at the 25th Granby International Song Festival, where she was awarded the Award of Performer of the Year.

Genevieve stands out with style as a great lady of popular and contemporary song. She knows how to play with her audience and charms with her intoxicating warm voice. Genevieve has a broad repertoire that harmonizes very well with all types of atmospheres for private or corporate events. In recent years, she has shined on the international scene performing with renowned jazz musicians, on residency contracts of several months in the largest hotels located in Beijing, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan just to name a few. However, it is in Tokyo in 2010 that she will develop the sacred fire for jazz music with the famous Tim Jackson who shared his passion and love of Jazz music.

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